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Hi There,

I moved from Canada to SC, 3 years ago with my husband (work relocation, our choice, winters with no snow, yes!!) and two cats, (19 yrs and 17 yrs) since the move both my cats have passed away. We adopted a black lab mix, she actually found us. Her name is Coco what a sweetie.

I "retired" myself from the corporate world because of It Works!!!! My passion has always been helping others to live a healthy lifestyle.  I have been able to reach out to more people and improve their health and wellness goals.  It Works Global has changed my life, I have my freedom to live life on my terms. I love helping others on my team build an Amazing Business and Reach Their Dreams!   I have a new found zest for life !!!
I feel very blessed to be part of It Works during this crazy growth we are experiencing!!! We are in the Right Place at the Right Time!!!!! Join Me On This Amazing Journey!!!

We Are Changing Lives Physically, Spiritually & Financially!!!

It  Works!!!  Will Change your LIfe!!!

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